The Thankful Heart

​A couple of days ago during my lunch break, I considered the topic of 'thanksgiving' and what it really, really means when we say 'thanks' with understanding. I know I tend to say the word 'thanks' out of habit and good manners but there is a lot more to saying 'thank you' than these two reasons of course.

Saying thanks to God is part of a cycle of our relationship with God without which the relationship would slowly.......

The process starts when we ask. Clearly if we don't ask we dont receive and no need to say thanks to receiving nothing. (however there are many free things, uncountable really, e.g. eyesight, hearing,  fresh air, taste buds, legs, sunshine, trees, tasty chicken, fruit, rain, fresh fish, summer, oxygen...endless list we don't ask for because they're ususally just there but which we can still thank God for. However this is a seperate matter to what I want to discuss here.

Now, when we ask, we receive, then we give thanks back to God. We've come full cycle. However God receives the thanks and it has the effect of releasing power to us to give us more than we asked for (Luke 17:15-19). Remember give and it shall be given unto you, good measure, pressed down shaken together and running over will men give unto you. This is why the Lord said "it is more blessed to give than to receive" Acts 20:35.

On our part by giving glory back to God through thanksgiving we acknowledge His Grace towards us is not in vain. I think satan would like nothing more than to say to God.....'hmmm your so callled children can't even thank You for all Your love towards them, how must that make You feel, surely they don't deserve more if they can't even say thanks for what they've already received from You?' Sigh...... but God makes His sun to shine on both the good and bad nevertheless because He is Love Matt 5:45-46!! That is why when we pray we are always required to give thanks as part of our prayers. Jesus, when he was about to call forth Lazarus said in a loud voice 'Father I thank thee that You have heard me and that You always hear me'

So...what are we waiting for......let's just thank the Lord, altogether now.....THANK YOU LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!