Heaven weeps when faith is buried


The story of Lazarus  and how he was raised from the dead is well read and may are conversant with this story in John 11. Jesus had known that Lazarus had died and indeed his intention was that this would happen this way so that the disciples would believe. Could you think that despite all the miracles signs and wonders that the disciples had witnessed, Jesus was still having to work on their belief.Thomas had it real bad because he actually said in verse 16 that they would go to die with Lazarus. Jesus ignored this.  

Martha was the next, she fared better than Thomas, she rose to meet Jesus, she felt Jesus could have healed him just before he died and even dared say whatever Jesus would ask of God would be given to Him. But she made it clear in verse 24 that she was referring to the last day resurrection. 

Jesus tried to help her faith by proclaiming he was the resurrection and the life, basically spoon feeding faith to Martha. She still didn’t improve. Her response was Yes you are the son of God who was to come into the world. It's almost as if she was avoiding to think Lazarus could be raised from the dead. 

Jesus continued on to the house and Mary this time came out to meet Him weeping that had He come earlier Lazarus would have been alive. By now Jesus was getting upset by their lack of faith despite his proven track record of miracle working. 

What affected Jesus the most is what they had done to Lazarus. For His faith He would've expected Lazarus to be perhaps lying in state waiting for the master. Instead they took him to a tomb. Jesus must've felt like What??!! Where is everyone's faith. No wonder the next He did was weep. 

Think about it....Jesus marveled at the centurion, the woman with the issue of blood, the woman with the bread crumbs, then what do we think He would do at the extent of the lack of faith of his nearest and dearest. That’s right ....He cried. This is how heaven feels when we lack faith. Heaven weeps. 

...To be contd